Paul McCartney was 'ditched' by Queen Elizabeth II for TV show

Last week, on Thursday, September 8, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II died. The 96-year-old monarch ruled for 70 years and met almost every notable pop star in the process.

In the 1990s she met Paul McCartney, a member of The Beatles. However, when she learned he was going to begin performing for her, she denied watching him perform. Instead of sitting with the Fab Four star, she wanted to go watch a horror TV show.

McCartney retold the event to fellow musician Angelo Badalamenti.

Badalamenti composed the music for the David Lynch TV show Twin Peaks – the show that captured the interest of Her Majesty.

The composer said in 2011: “Back when Twin Peaks was kicking off around the world, I flew by Concorde to London to work with Paul McCartney at Abbey Road.”

McCartney said: “Let me tell you a story.”

Badalamenti said: “Not long before we met, he’d been asked to perform for the Queen for her birthday celebrations.”

McCartney explained that he began the meeting with The Queen by telling her how much of a privilege it was to join her on her birthday.

“I’m honoured to be here tonight, your Majesty,” he told the monarch. “And I’m going to play some music for you.”

But, unfortunately for him, he had arrived too late in the evening.

The Queen revealed she could not stick around, and instead wanted to adjourn to watch television.

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McCartney recalled: “I feel privileged to have been alive during the whole of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. When I was 10 years old I entered an essay competition in Liverpool and won my division for my essay about the British Monarchy so I have been a fan for a long time. In 1953 when the Queen was crowned everyone on our street in Speke, Liverpool finally got a television set and we settled down to watch the Coronation in glorious black and white.”

He added that he was “honoured and amazed” to see The Queen in person over the years.

“I met Her Majesty eight or nine times,” he remembered. “And each time she impressed me with her great sense of humour combined with great dignity.”

He concluded: “God bless you. You will be missed.”

In 1965, McCartney and the rest of The Beatles were given MBE awards.