Food storage hacks: Perfect way to keep blueberries, lettuce, tomatoes and courgette fresh

Grace is a dietetic student, food lover, and “nutrition nerd”. She posts her tops and tricks on her TikTok account @nourishwithgrace, where she has 14,400 followers.

In a recent video, which has amassed 892.5k views on the platform, she detailed how to store various types of produce. She asked her fans: “Is your fridge a graveyard for rotting produce? I’ve been there. Follow these tips to save money and minimise waste.”

These hacks come after a produce expert and five times World Record Grower, Tomato Dave, tested four hacks to stop bananas from going brown.  He undertook the experiment, writing: “We tried four storage methods. The results were surprising”

How to keep produce like lettuce, blueberries and tomatoes fresh


Grace said, “First up, lettuce. Personally, I like to wash and chop mine before storing it. If I don’t do that right off the bat, there’s a decent chance I never do.

“I’ve found the key to keeping any greens is to store them with a paper towel. I store them in a sealed container with a paper towel on the bottom and on the top.

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Grace explained: “Asparagus can be stored in a glass with a little bit of water, just like a vase. Now, you have a fridge decoration!”


Grace said: “Try to store tomatoes on the counter as long as possible. In the fridge, they tend to get mealy. Keep them away from other produce as they do produce ethylene gas, which causes produce to ripen faster.”