Richard Hammond admits he was 'overwhelmed' by James May crash 'I was selfish'

Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy Clarkson are back doing what they do best in the new The Grand Tour as the trio set off on a road trip across Scandinavia. Although Richard is famously known as the one in the group most prone to crashing, during filming of Prime Video’s A Scandi Flick, it was James who collided his rally car into a wall.

James was rushed to hospital during filming after crashing his car into a wall.

The Grand Tour presenter broke a rib and needed a brain scan before being allowed to resume filming. 

The incident took place while the presenting trio took it in turns to speed rally along a tunnel towards a rock wall at a Norwegian naval base.

Speaking to and other press, Richard was asked if he was worried about his friend and co-star.

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He admitted: “I think selfishly I was more relieved than anything else that somebody had maybe taken the focus off me and people stop asking me, ‘Oh, you’re always crashing.’ ‘Well not just me, is it?’

“There was a brief fleeting moment of concern for James.

“But an overwhelming flood of concern for that fabulous car that he’d be buried in a wall. It’s unforgivable.” 

The former Top Gear host added: “It was quite nice for ones to be on the other side of it. 

“So when they saw that they said, ‘Oh that’s bigger than we thought. You’d better have a brain scan and spin scan to make sure you haven’t fractured anything.’

“But the scanner was in use, and they had a queue, so I just had to lie there for hours and hours.”

Comparing himself to his co-presenter, he said: “I do remember thinking, ‘Well that will have helped the film a bit because you’ve got a nice dramatic crash and interesting repair to show.’

“And also, it means Richard Hammond didn’t have a crash this time.”