'I didn't tell my mum' Wedding Season star Gavin Drea kept daring stunt a secret

In a show which combines comedy, drama, romance and action, Gavin is front and centre in many stunts.

He told Express.co.uk: “I didn’t tell my mother about the stunt and she would pull my thumb out if she found out [about the building jump]. She still doesn’t know yet.”

“Stefan’s completely incapable of doing something like that and we have a stunt guy who actually looked really good doing it.

“So, I think me doing it looked much more realistically c****y and bad. So I think that was really nice to do.

“I have never got to do stunts on that level and they were completely exhilarating and they really help perform those scenes and those moments where Stefan feels completely terrified and out of his depth.”

source: express.co.uk