Burn fat 'more efficiently' with 'highly beneficial' vitamin – it's a 'common deficiency'


If a person has low levels of calcium, they can feel extremely fatigued with a lack of energy and an overall feeling of sluggishness.

What people may not know is that calcium provides small increases in thermogenesis (the body’s core temperature).

This could boost metabolism, which can prompt the body to burn fat.

Nutritionist Ellie Busby, explained: “Despite people consuming large quantities of milk and dairy products, 70 percent of us are lactose intolerant as an adult, which can lead to gut issues.

“For those who are lactose-free, it is crucial to eat lots of plant foods with calcium, such as fortified plant milks, dark green leafy vegetables, and seeds – especially poppy, sesame, and chia seeds.”

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source: express.co.uk