Video captures footbridge in Congo collapse during ribbon-cutting ceremony

A new footbridge in Congo collapsed Monday as officials were celebrating its opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Footage of the scary moment, verified by Reuters, shows a handful of officials falling down with the shaky structure in Kinshasa’s Mont-Ngafula district as onlookers shout.

Nobody was reported to have been hurt in the incident.

Officials cut the ribbon.
The bridge collapsed as soon as officials cut the ribbon.
Officials fall as the bridge collapses.
Nobody was reported to have been hurt in the incident.

When the structure gave out, the woman who cut the ribbon was seen clutching a man in a suit who had been holding the ribbon for her. Two other men immediately rushed to her aid to carry her to safety.

Both handrails broke off as the bridge cracked at its center, coming to a rest in the shallow stream a few feet below where it had been suspended just moments before.

One of the last to leave the broken bridge was a man dressed in military fatigues, a dark hat and dark glasses clutching an unopened bottle of champagne.