Biggest Sky TV upgrade of the year is coming soon and it's what many have been waiting for

Sky will soon unleash a brand new way to tune into its content and it’s what many have been desperately waiting for. It was confirmed back in April that the firm’s Stream Puck device will go on sale as a standalone product in 2022 and with just a few months until the end of the year customers should see this device on sale very soon.

The Stream Puck isn’t actually new with it being released back in late 2021. However, anyone wanting to take delivery of this internet-connected set-top box currently needs to buy a Sky Glass TV as well.

Luckily, that’s all about to change with Sky offering the Stream Puck without needing to sign up for any of its other products.

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Once a user takes delivery of this device they will be able to get the full Sky experience on any TV in their home with the Stream Puck offering easy access to all of the firm’s premium content along with other streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video.

Live TV can also be viewed and, although there’s no hard disk tucked inside, users can watch shows and movies via the Playlist option which stores and shows favourites via on-demand platforms.

Other features found on the Stream Puck include voice controls for quick access to content and control plus this box is fully UHD HD and Dolby Atmos ready which means users will get a pin-sharp image and epic audio when bingeing on contnet.

Just like Sky Glass, one of the best things about the Stream Puck is that it doesn’t need a dish to work with everything beamed to the device via a standard internet connection.

This not only makes it simple to install but also easy to move around the home.

There’s currently no word on how much the Stream puck will cost but Sky Glass starts from £13 for the TV with users then charged £26 for a basic telly package with Netflix.

Considering the Stream Puck is simply a streaming box we’d expect prices to be a lot cheaper than the Sky Glass telly but full details will be revealed soon so watch this space.

Along with that upcoming launch, there’s another thing that all Sky users should know about with the firm’s offer of free broadband coming to end later today.

Anyone signing up before midnight will be treated to a speedy 59Mbps internet connection without paying a penny for the privilege.

This deal lasts for the first three months of the contract with things then costing £30.50 for the rest of the contract.

That means the price you’ll pay over the full 18 months is £457.50 which is pretty good value considering similar speeds from BT will set you back £539.82 (£29.99 per month) and Virgin Media will charge £684 (£38 per month).

If that all sounds enticing then you can check out Sky’s free broadband deal below.