Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp takes aim at Bournemouth owners over Scott Parker sacking

“That is the approach that has brought this club so much success in recent history, and one that we will not veer from now. Our search for a new head coach will begin immediately.”

Parker described Bournemouth as being “underequipped” following their 9-0 humbling at Liverpool on Saturday, a joint-Premier League record defeat. He said: “It goes without saying it’s a real humbling experience and one which was pretty shell-shocking, really, in the sense of the result. 

“And probably not surprised so much, in the sense of the levels we’re playing against here and the quality is just far greater than what we have in this present moment in time at our disposal. While of course it’s not me making any excuse because there’s some goals in that game that were of our own doing, in terms of the set-play goals were really poor, and we can do something about that. 

“But at this present moment in time I feel sorry for the fans, I feel sorry for the players, to be honest with you, because at the moment we are just a bit underequipped at this level from where we have come from.”