Queen of Glory review: slight but likeable indie comedy

Using her Bronx neighbourhood and parents’ Christian bookshop as locations, she tells the story of Sarah Obeng – a graduate student of something called Molecular Neuro-Oncology.

She is just about to follow her married “boyfriend” to Ohio, when she learns of the death of her mother.

As the responsibility for organising two funerals (one for “white people” and one for Ghanians) falls on her she is forced to postpone the move.

Further complications arise when her Arsenal-mad dad arrives from Ghana and she learns she has inherited her mum’s Christian bookshop.

It is a slight film but a very likeable one. Mensah has great comic timing, the characters are sharply drawn and the New York setting feels refreshingly authentic.

Queen of Glory is in cinemas now (certificate 15).

source: express.co.uk