Drivers urged to use a little-known speed bump technique to save on petrol and diesel

Every driver knows that speed bumps can be a menace, especially when fuel prices remain high. The constant slowing down and acceleration negatively affect fuel consumption and can lead to motorists spending much more money on petrol and diesel.

However, there is a trick that allows drivers to improve their car’s fuel economy while driving on roads filled with the speed-limiting obstacles.

According to experts at Euro Car Parts, many motorists are unaware that constantly driving at one speed through speed bump-filled roads can massively improve fuel economy.

They said: “Acceleration and deceleration whilst driving can mean extra fuel is used, and this includes driving over speed bumps, so learning how to properly tackle them could save motorists a lot of money.

“Drivers can avoid unnecessary fuel consumption by driving at a constant speed and avoiding accelerating or braking too often in between speed bumps, which is when most fuel is used.”

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“If you can keep moving slowly rather than stopping in traffic that’s good, but you do have to be conscious of not being a pain to other drivers by leaving too much of a gap behind the car in front.

“You need to listen to the engine to make sure you don’t use excessive revs but you need to use enough, so it’s a fine balance as you don’t want the car to be labouring too much either.”

While the RAC predicts that the prices will continue to fall, they still remain high.

Motorists can expect to pay 170.40p per litre of unleaded on average.

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The situation is even worse for diesel car owners who can expect to fork out 182.70p per litre on average.

With that in mind, drivers have been reminded to shop around at supermarket forecourts in their area to try and save the most money that they can.

Motorists can also visit websites such as

After registering on the website, all motorists need to do is put in their postcode and how far they are willing to travel.

The site will then provide drivers with a list of the cheapest petrol stations in their area.

Mobile phone users can also download the app for easy access on the go without registering.