Russell Brand riles residents with plan to 'turn village's only pub into vegan restaurant'

Russell Brand, 47, was formerly a heroin addict known for his wild ways, but since undergoing a spiritual transformation, he is now believed to be completely teetotal. Furious villagers facing the prospect of losing their only pub have hit out at his alleged decision, exclaiming: “He doesn’t even drink!”

The comedian-turned-spiritual guru purchased the Grade II listed Crown Inn last Christmas in Pishill, Oxon, for a reported £850,000.

He and his wife Laura Gallacher, who live in nearby Henley-on-Thames, now reportedly plan to turn it into a restaurant with a vegan theme.

As part of his dramatic lifestyle change, Brand decided to go totally plant-based just before the pandemic in 2019.

However many villagers aren’t on board with his ultra-healthy, ultra-ethical lifestyle and have spoken out in indignation.

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He now fills his time with meditation, yoga and spiritual healing – and, of course, producing content for YouTube.

Since his newfound sobriety, Brand has invited guests such as Ricky Gervais on his shows to discuss religion and “the age of dogma”.

He has also presented complex and controversial views on hot topics including body positivity, coronavirus, vaccine passports and the war in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, he has been a guest speaker at events such as WellSpring, a wellness festival in Palm Springs, California, focused on meditation and holistic medicine.