Ruth Langsford details her traumatic experience sending son off to university

Ruth, 62, describes the feeling as her “womb had been ripped out.” She goes on to further say: “I truly understand the pain of empty nest syndrome.”

Ruth, reveals her husband Eamonn Holmes was also crying as they said their goodbyes to Jack.

She goes into detail about the grief she felt over the following days: “It sounds dramatic but for the next three days, I felt like I’d had my womb ripped out. It was pain. I was sitting on his bed, sniffing his pillow, and I kept his bedroom door shut so I could imagine he was in there.”

However, in due time Ruth has learned to live with the situation, explaining: “Now it’s great. Jack seems so happy and I don’t get as upset each time he comes home and leaves again.”

“I hope I’ve done a good job as a mum, but who knows?”

“I don’t care what Jack ends up doing as long as he’s happy. There is too much pressure on youngsters these days.”

Ruth is known for her presenting on ITV’s This Morning alongside her husband Eammon, 62. However both were axed last year as Friday hosts, but from time to time Ruth returns for guest appearances.

She revealed, in an interview with Women & Home magazine, that she may team up with her husband again on screen.

She says: “We love working together – though when you’re a couple and working together, you fall out. Just because I’m married to him, doesn’t mean I agree with everything he says, and vice versa.”