Ukrainian drone attack targets Russian tank in catastrophic explosion – VIDEO

President Putin’s military forces have been rapidly depleted by Ukrainian troops operating remote drone attack systems. Video footage from Ukraine captured a startling explosion as a Russian tank erupting into a catastrophic storm of flames. Prior to the strike, the Russian ‘Z’ symbol of support for the invasion of Ukraine can be seen painted brazenly across the front of the military vehicle. With intelligence reports suggesting Russia is already struggling to adequately supply invading forces, drone technology afforded to the Ukrainian military is set to further pummel the Kremlin’s army.

The system used in the attack has been identified as an unmanned combat aerial vehicle, more commonly referred to as a combat drone.

The UK Ministry of Defence has recognised the effectiveness of such weapons in the defensive efforts and the Government has pledged to bolster Ukraines military by supplying further drone systems.

A statement from the Ministry of Defence said: “The UK will supply scores of artillery guns, hundreds of drones and hundreds more anti-tank weapons to Ukraine in the coming weeks.”

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace added: “The scale and range of equipment we are providing demonstrates the strength of our resolve.”

Following the success of Ukrainian drone attacks, the Kremlin has struggled to fulfil the demand for advanced military equipment on the frontline.

A Government intelligence statement read: “Russia is unlikely to be capable of fulfilling some export orders for armoured fighting vehicles because of the exceptional demand for vehicles in Russia’s own forces in Ukraine and the increasing effect of Western sanctions.”

The statement added: “[Russia’s] military industrial capacity is now under significant strain and the credibility of many of its weapon systems has been undermined by their associations with Russian forces’ poor performance in the war.”

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