Royals copy each other because of 'strict etiquette' – 'not many looks to choose from'

“Queen Anne, Princess Diana and Kate Middleton are all fashion icons in their own right, and the Queen loves fashion so much she famously sat in the front row with Anna Wintour at London Fashion week.”

Miranda went on to note that a lot of thought goes into a royal outfit, and every garment is chosen with purpose and care.

She said: “Each member of the Royal Family, from Princess Anne to Kate Middleton today, are experts in choosing clothes that flatter their body shape, suit their complexions and most importantly are fitting for the occasion.

“They are known as the ultimate diplomatic dressers, often dressing to flatter or complement visiting guests or their hosts with thoughtful touches or embellishments to their outfits, such as symbolic jewellery or wearing the national colour.

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