'Ultimate hydrangea hack!': Simple trick brings flowers 'back from the dead'

A TikTok user Rachel Raab, aka itsraininglegs, detailed her clever method to revive cut hydrangeas, which are likely to suffer in the current heatwave or hot weather in general. The trick has over 30k views on the platform so far.

The mother, who posts sweet videos with her family on the app, shared “the ultimate hydrangea hack!”

So how do you do it? Rachel said: “Simply cut off an inch of the stem and replace the water with the hottest water out of your sink and wait.”

The mum said the trick is “one of my favorite hacks I thought everyone knew! Turns out no one does.”

She shared a little more detail and said: “Cut about one inch off the stems and immediately put them in the hottest that comes out of your sink.

“Give it a few hours and they will come back.”

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Another said: “Worked for me, thank you!! I was ready to throw them out when I came across this!!”

One commented: “Left my potted hydrangea in the sun too long & it wilted. Watered it & 30 mins later it was back to its full beautiful self! Nature is amazing!”

While you might think hot water could kill your plants, in fact, the “boiling water method” is used by people to revive hydrangeas with reported success.

The hot water helps wash away a thick sap produced by hydrangeas, which can block the stems and prevent the flowers from drinking.

How to water potted hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are thirsty plants and will suffer in the hot weather this week.

If you have potted hydrangeas, an expert suggests giving the plants a deep, soaking water one to three times a week, rather than giving them a little water each day.

It is normal for the plant to wilt in the head of the day though.

This means it can be difficult to know if they are wilting due to heat or need more water.

Alan Titchmarsh, however, recommends watering hydrangeas “every day in summer – morning and evening when it is hot and sunny – adding liquid feed once a week in spring and summer”.

source: express.co.uk