Man Utd fans will jump into any life raft to rid the Glazers but Knighton isn't the answer

Manchester United must be in a desperate state if their white knight is Michael Knighton. The ball-juggling Stretford End self-publicist of 33 years ago is at it again with his pie-in-the-sky plan to buy out the Glazers at Old Trafford.

United fans are so eager to see the back of their despised American owners that they will jump into any life raft but those old enough to remember Knighton’s last stab at buying the club must be shaking their heads in despair.

Despite the showboating, all the talk then came to nothing as Knighton’s bid to buy the club fell apart and there is nothing whatsoever to suggest this latest tilt has any more chance of succeeding.

His reemergence onto the football scene has caused ripples in the UK but it is hardly likely to register over the Pond If United were for sale, which they are not, their price would be around £4bn. With the leveraged debt of the Glazer years to take on too, the new owners would need seriously deep pockets.

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Knighton, still smoothly plausible on the surface, insists he only has the best interests of Manchester United at heart. Perhaps he does. There is no doubt United need new owners if they are to lift the cloud that has settled permanently over Old Trafford.

But if Knighton is being viewed as the answer to their problems, the biggest football club in the country really is beyond help.