EU energy crisis explodes: Spain orders citizens to TURN OFF lights – UK could be next

The president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, said last weekend that the savings plan “proposes the same temperatures for a frozen food shop as for a bookshop, to set the same temperatures for a fruit shop as for a clothes shop is simply improvisation”.

This is not the case. Health centres and hospitals, training centres – such as schools, universities and nurseries – hairdressing salons, gyms, airplanes and trains are exempt. So are hotel rooms, which are considered private spaces. On the other hand, common areas in hotels, bus, metro or train stations, theatres, cinemas, shops or exhibition halls do have to comply, although with flexibility.

The third vice-president and minister for Ecological Transition has indicated on several occasions in recent days that there will be flexibility, especially for small establishments and companies. “Large companies have the capacity to start up immediately,” she said on Tuesday in an interview on Cadena SER. The same is not true, she said, for “a small bookshop” which “may have difficulties, or a food shop”.

In addition, the temperature thresholds – 19 and 27 degrees – must already comply with another royal decree, 486/1997, which established minimum health and safety provisions in workplaces. This legislation was passed during the PP government presided over by José María Aznar and with Javier Arenas as Minister of Labour and Social Affairs.

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