These popular Samsung Galaxy Android phones will look massively inferior this week

There’s a big week ahead for Samsung fans with the Korean technology giant set to launch a swathe of shiny new devices in the coming days. All will be revealed on Wednesday, August 10 at one of the firm’s famous Unpacked events and it could be bad news if you happen to have invested in a foldable device. That’s because it seems almost certain that its range of futuristic bendy screens are set for a massive overhaul.

Full details are being kept under firmly wraps for now but rumours are rife that Samsung is going to refresh its entire line-up of Galaxy Flip and Galaxy Fold smartphones at the August keynote.

If you’re not up to speed with these phones, the Galaxy Fold opens like a book to reveal a tablet-style display whilst the Flip features a more standard smartphone screen that folds in half to make it more pocket friendly.

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To add fuel to the fire about the upcoming releases, an invite released by Samsung also shows its famous Flip device popping open to reveal the date of Unpacked.

Full details will be revealed later this week but there’s already plenty of speculation that these foldy phones will get an improved design, more powerful processors, better cameras and longer battery life.

We’ll bring you full details about these upgrades live from Wednesday’s launch event. Any updates are sure to boost the popularity of these devices.

Samsung recently revealed that the foldable market is booming with the film seeing a whopping 300 percent increase in sales over the past year alone.

That has meant Samsung has been able to shift over 10 million foldables with that number set to grow even further.

In fact, Samsung is now predicting that this rapid growth will continue and is going to make a much bigger dent in the overall smartphone market over the coming years.

Speaking about the boom in foldables, Samsung’s President and Head of MX Business, Dr. TM Roh said: “We saw an opportunity not only to design a new shape but also to create new experiences that had never been possible with a smartphone before.

“Overcoming many technological hurdles, we successfully introduced the first-ever Galaxy foldable smartphone in 2019 and have changed the future of our industry ever since.”

Watch this space if you fancy a new Galaxy Flip or Fold in your pocket. The Unpacked event kicks off from 3pm this Wednesday August 10.