Middle-earth Enterprises sends cease-and-desist letter to LOTRO rogue server project

From MMORPG: “Some Lord of the Rings Online players may have been aware of an unofficial rogue server project that was set to release this month called Echoes of Angmar. Aiming to create a true vanilla version of LOTRO, trait lines and map-less Old Forest and all, the server ran the real risk of drawing legal ire down on its head because of the unlicensed use of a very much still-operating and still-in-development MMO.

PLAY LOTRO FOR FREEAnd in fact, the Echoes of Angmars team received a cease-and-desist letter from Middle-earth Enterprises today demanding the cessation of all work and operation: It is thus with a heavy heart that we must ask that you immediately cease all of your unauthorized use of Echoes of Angmar, and all other Tolkien-related IP on all platforms.

source: gamezpot.com