Queen Elizabeth brought 'tranquillity' to Princess Beatrice's wedding with 'vibrant' item

Queen Elizabeth, 96, is known for wearing jewels that contain historic and symbolic meanings. But Her Majesty also wears dresses and coats with certain colours to portray a hidden meaning as well. According to style experts from the beauty and fashion company Fenwick, the Queen wears different colours for every event to “represent” something. They said: “The Queen is known for her colourful choices when it comes to public appearances having worn almost every colour of the rainbow without being overly flamboyant. Style experts from luxury fashion retailer Fenwick, discussed Her Majesty’s choices and what each colour represents exclusively with Express.co.uk.”

Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi’s wedding – July 17, 2020

The experts added: “Her Majesty chose a turquoise pleated coat and matching hat, her hat with vibrant pink and red roses.

“She wore a patterned dress underneath the coat which complemented the turquoise perfectly, pairing this with some black court shoes and some white gloves by Cornelia James.

“Turquoise symbolises compassion, calm and balance, the Queen bringing tranquillity to the wedding.”

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding – May 19, 2018

The experts opined: “The vivid and vibrant lime outfit that the Queen chose for Harry and Meghan’s wedding brought radiance to the wedding day.

“The Queen also wore a matching hat with bright violet feathers.

“The colour lime can be associated with liveliness and imagination. It can also be linked to confidence.

“Purple or violet, on the other hand, can be linked to prosperity.”


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding – April 29, 2011

The experts continued: “For the wedding of her grandson William and Kate Middleton, Her Majesty wore a pastel lemon dress and coat, her hat complete with deep yellow coloured leaves.

“Yellow represents positivity and happiness, the perfect choice for a wedding.”

Zara and Mike Tindall’s wedding – June 30, 2011

The experts claimed: “The Queen wore a peach tailored coat, with a peach and turquoise patterned dress underneath for the wedding of Zara and Mike Tindall.

“Peach symbolises friendliness and warmth.”

The style experts from Fenwick also added: “In terms of luck, yellow is seen to be one of the luckiest colours out there, apart from red – however, some people believe all red at a wedding is inappropriate due to its distracting nature.

“Choosing patterns with hints of red can be a good way to show your wishes for good fortune without any risk.”

Why does the Queen choose to wear such a wide array of colours?

The experts said: “The Queen loves to wear colourful outfits for her public appearances, and this is more than just a fashion choice.

“According to ‘The Queen at 90’ documentary, Her Majesty’s colourful wardrobe is to ensure the public is able to spot her in the crowds and say ‘I saw the Queen!’”

source: express.co.uk