Meghan Markle 'breaks tradition' with 'tricky' outfit – 'taking cue' from 'risqué' royal

However, Miranda noted that Princess Diana was a regular shorts wearer in her time.

The TV stylist continued: “Perhaps the Duchess was taking her style cues from the iconic Princess Diana, a kindred spirit when it comes to royal rebellion, but also an avid shorts wearer, regularly wearing an elevated pair with simple pointed flats, to show off her shapely legs.

“Diana was a fashion pioneer for the firm, wearing clothes which had been previously deemed too high-fashion or even risqué for the royals, who have built their personal brand with a portfolio of classic, neutral looks, designed to be inoffensive, which also made so many of them unforgettable.”

Miranda claimed that “Diana really shook things up, often using her clothing to communicate when she was unable to express herself in any other way”.