Elizabeth Taylor rejected Richard Burton for years and then broke her own biggest rule

Fisher visited Sybil and later recalled; “I said, ‘You know, they’re continuing their affair?’ And she said, ‘He’s had these affairs, and he always comes home to me.’ And I said, ‘But they’re still having their affair.’ And she went to the studio, and they closed [production] down. And that cost them $100,000. And the day I left Rome, it cost them another $100,000. Elizabeth screamed and carried on. Work stopped that day. They had that in honour of me.”

When he heard about their spouses’ meeting, Burton furiously called Fisher and said: “You nothing, you spleen. I’m going to come up there and kill you.” He would also taunt Fisher, saying: “You don’t know how to use her!” Or ask Taylor who she loved, in front of her husband.

For six months the affair stopped and started, mainly due to Burton and Taylor’s own fighting. She was twice hospitalised after taking tablets, but later said it was never to end her own life, simply to force a break from personal and professional pressures, and recuperate in hospital.

source: express.co.uk