'Defied all logic!' Wallace fails to rule out 'nuclear' war with Russia as warning issued

Ben Wallace warned that with Vladimir Putin defying “all logic” with his invasion of Ukraine, it was hard to predict how relations between Russia and the West will evolve. National Security Advisor Sir Stephen Lovegrove this week warned a “nuclear conflict” could erupt should communication with either Moscow or Beijing fail. Mr Wallace said the UK is keeping up contact with both nations, but appeared unable to entirely rule out nuclear weapons would not be deployed in the future.

The Sky News presenter asked: “Sir Stephen Lovegrove, the UK’s National Security Advisor, has warned in the last few days the West risks an initiation of nuclear conflict with China or Russia because of a breakdown of communication. Do you agree with him?”

The Defence Secretary said: “I went to Moscow to speak to our counterparts just before this war. We keep lines of communication open.

“I have met with the Chinese Ambassador about a year ago, and he’s right that it’s always important to talk to countries even if you find it difficult, or distasteful, or indeed it is a challenge because there’s a conflict in Ukraine.

“Fundamentally, that is not always the real component as to why security is imperiled.”

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Sir Stephen Lovegrove warned of the “pace and scale with which China is expanding its nuclear and conventional arsenals”, as he said the world is entering a “dangerous new age of proliferation”.

Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky once again said his country would not be intimidated by the Russian invasion.

He said: “We shall do everything to ensure no one anywhere in the world remains indifferent to this terrible war that Russia has unleashed on our country and against the very notion of freedom.”

Russia and Ukraine struck a deal last week to unblock grain exports from Black Sea ports, but UN aid chief Martin Griffiths said “crucial” details for the safe passage of vessels were still being worked out.

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Mr Griffiths was hopeful the first shipment of grain from a Ukrainian Black Sea port could take place as early as Friday.

Ukraine said on Thursday its planes had struck five Russian strongholds around the southern city of Kherson and another nearby city.

The Kherson region fell to Russian forces soon after they began their  “a special military operation” in February.

British military intelligence, which helps Ukraine, said it was likely that Ukrainian forces had also established a bridgehead south of a river that runs along the region’s northern border.

Ukraine says it has retaken some small settlements on the region’s northern edge in recent weeks as it tries to push Russian forces back, a potential prelude to what Kyiv has billed as a major counter-offensive to retake the south.

source: express.co.uk