Coronation Street theory: Triple exit as Abi, Jack and Alfie leave cobbles without Kevin

Jack handed his stepmother a letter he was going to read at his end-of-year presentation but due to hitting another child, he didn’t get to.

Hoping it would help her thoughts about moving back in, the youngster got her to read his words, with Abi saying: “Moving on is hard but change is good, even though we might not think it.

“I could, if I felt sorry for myself, I could say I wish I had known my mum who died when I was a baby. I could say I wish I had never got sepsis and lost my leg.

“But if those things hadn’t happened, everything would be different and I would be different and I like being me.

“I’ve got the teachers and my mates to thank but also, my dad who has brought me up and looked after me on his own,” the schoolboy wrote.