Alt-Pop Duo Beau Take You On ‘A Dreamy Walk Of Feeling Deeply Loved’ With ‘Into The Night’

With a sweeping cinematic crescendo, “Into The Night,” the new song from Beau, feels like the point in the movie where the protagonist realize they’ve found the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with. The song, premiering here on HollywoodLife, starts slow and isolated, like a weary traveler who has spent most of their life’s journey walking the roads alone. Yet, when given a chance to continue the trek, instead, Beau – lifelong friends Heather Schwalb and Emma Jenney – realize they’d rather “stay with you / into the night” and beyond.

“‘Into the Night’ is a heartfelt love song, depicting the very moment when you feel the electricity and unending bond between two people in a relationship,” Emma tells HollywoodLife. The group also weighs in on the production. At times, the song feels like one is wandering through a half-lidded state of euphoria – and such a feeling was intentional. “‘Into The Night’ is a song meant to transport you on a dreamy walk of feeling deeply loved,” adds Heather.

Jim Bosheng


“Into The Night” marks the final release from the band’s upcoming E.P., Life Twice. The project is out in September 2022 via Range Music/Virgin Music and collects the previously released singles “Even If You’re Gone” and “Hardly Breathing.” It also marks the group’s second E.P. of 2022, having released Forever (and more) earlier in the year.

Beau is making up for lost time. Having grown up together in New York City’s historic Greenwich Village (and its thriving art scene), Emma and Heather found music to be their outlet of choice. As Beau, they debuted in 2015 with their self-titled album, quickly catching the ear of the cool cats in the know. From there, they worked with some award-winning talents while honing their sound.

Jim Bosheng

After a brief consciously uncoupling from the music biz, the group returned, signed to Range Music/Virgin Music, and is now poised to take their career to the next chapter. Having produced Life Twice themselves (and having recorded it at NYC’s legendary Electric Lady Studios), Beau boasts a reignited passion and a renewed determination.

Fans will be able to witness this zeal firsthand; Beau is getting ready to hit the road again, starting with a tour on the U.S. East Coast.