There is so, so much weird shit in Lost Ark

(Image credit: Amazon Games)

There’s a lot to like about Lost Ark. There’s the exaggerated action-RPG combat, which makes the fighting in other MMOs look like trash. The variety of endgame activities, all the way up to multi-stage legion raids that seem to have cost what would’ve been another game’s entire budget. And the in-depth customization, from character creation sliders to cosmetic recoloring that can turn you into something a sick rainbow might vomit up. 

Lost Ark is celebrated for all those things. But there’s one thing the Korean MMO doesn’t get enough credit for, and that’s how deeply weird it gets. We gave a shout-out to the massive clown battle that takes place when a demon trickster summons his horde of cavorting harlequins for a sequence that’s half battle scene from The Lord of the Rings, half the Gathering of the Juggalos, but that’s just the beginning of the batshit in Lost Ark.