Zombies return to Call of Duty: Warzone in a new limited-time mode

I’ve always found the inclusion of zombies in Call of Duty (opens in new tab) a bit like sprinkling hot sauce over a perfectly good roast dinner, a lazy and incongruous way to add flavour to an experience that simply doesn’t need it. I am, however, clearly in a minority, given how avidly the CoD community welcome these animate corpses whenever Activision wheels them out on a gurney from its secret underground laboratory.

In any case, Warzone (opens in new tab)is getting an undead makeover later today, as Season 4 Reloaded’s limited time mode “Rebirth of the Dead” prepares to sink its teeth into your skull-sponge. Rebirth of the Dead is a bespoke game mode where teams of four drop into the map to do battle with other players. Unlike vanilla Warzone, however, players aren’t carted off to the Gulag when they die, as killed players come back as walking human jerky.

source: gamezpot.com