Burn up to 400 calories in one hour with Meghan Markle's 'feel good' workout- 'great move'

Leg Raise

“A leg raise is one of my favourites,” revealed the instructor.

“Firstly, lie on your side and bend your bottom arm to support your head.

“Place your other hand on the mat in front of your abs, lining up your hips and shoulders parallel, whilst ensuring your feet are pointed forwards towards the front of the mat.

“Start to slowly lift your leg up and then lower back down.

“The height is not important, but lengthening the leg as far away from the body as possible.

Whilst keeping the hips stacked, and a slight lift out of the supporting side.

“Perform this for 20 reps, or 30 if you want to push yourself, then switch and repeat on the opposite leg.”

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source: express.co.uk