‘The Better Bagel’ Goes All In on Nutrition

The rollout of the Better Bagel has been gradual, from an online debut about a year ago to a full complement of flavors now. Next month, its products will be available nationwide at Whole Foods. The “better” part of the name has merit; we’ll get to that. But except that it’s round with sort of a hole in the middle, bagel is not what I’d call this oversize, puffy and slightly sour breadstuff. It’s meant to replace your regular bagel with better nutrition; it contains more protein (26 grams) and fiber (35 grams) than the average bagel (9 to 12 grams protein; 2 grams fiber). The Los Angeles company founded by Aimee Yang, a Wharton School graduate, does not tout the fiber, though it should, focusing instead on the low net carbs (5 grams). Enjoyment requires toasting and liberal schmearing to amp up the flavor.

The Better Bagel, four for $16, eatbetter.com.

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source: nytimes.com