GMB weathergirl's absence sparks frenzy as fans demand return

Good Morning Britain has seen a major shake-up in its presenters recently as the summer holidays kick off, including Susanna Reid taking time away from the show. Another absence which sparked a frenzy on Monday morning was Laura Tobin, as Des Coleman stepped in to give the weather report to ITV viewers.

Waking up the nation and presenting the show were Ed Balls and Charlotte Hawkins, who introduced Des to the show.

They welcomed the presenter and explained meteorologist Laura Tobin had headed off to enjoy a well-deserved summer break.

However, her absence from the show didn’t go unnoticed by the viewers as they took to their social media to demand she return.

@MikeJohnson2174 asked: “Where is Laura?? #GMB.”

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“Des, the weather guy, has ended early, I’m like what? Why’s he done that? Just keep talking about the weather.”

Susanna defended Des and exclaimed: “Do not blame the weather presenter, it’s his first day. It’s not his fault. The camera shot froze.”

Before Des shortly appeared and claimed: “Susanna, I love you. Piers, it’s my first day, and you can’t even cut a young man, a good-looking guy, a break.”

Piers clapped back: “So far, all you’ve done is call yourself good-looking. One rule: A, stop talking.

“Now I’ve heard you talking twice in the past half hour, and all you’ve done is call yourself good-looking, beautiful people that go on about how good-looking they are, they speak too much.”

Susanna announced her break from the ITV breakfast show back at the beginning of the month as she described it as an “extended” vacation.

During her final show for a few weeks, she exclaimed: “Just wanted to say thank you to everybody.

“But I leave you in the capable hands of this wonderful team over the summer.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.