One Direction star Zayn Malik was 'forced' to audition for band

On this day, Saturday, July 23, back in 2010, One Direction were brought together for the first time. The band’s 12-year-anniversary is something their fans, the Directioners, look back on fondly, however, it is shrouded in some disdain.

The group were placed together by Simon Cowell on the ITV talent show X Factor after each of the five members – Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik – auditioned separately.

The show pushed the quintet together before they hit the live shows in 2009. Ultimately they came third in the competition before going on the X Factor Tour.

However, Payne revealed earlier this year that One Direction as fans know them almost didn’t happen.

He recently explained: “I remember Zayn telling us the story that it was his mum got him to go to the audition the day he didn’t want to go.”

He added that this was “literally what we saw all the way through One Direction”.

Payne added: “We always kind of knew that there were moments when One Direction was really Zayn and then there were moments when it really wasn’t.”

He went on to add that Malik’s passion was within the music itself, more than the fame.

Payne mused: “Some people are made for this thing but Zayn enjoys the side of the music where he just gets to make music. I don’t think he enjoys what comes with it. I think he has to be very careful where he treads. He likes to make songs – and his songs do very well – but at the same time he doesn’t really like to go out and perform the songs.”

He added: “He doesn’t really like going out and doing the press stuff that surrounds it in the crazy little world that we live in.” (Via Daily Star)

Malik himself has opened up about not loving the band from its inception in the past.

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Malik revealed: “I think I kind of always wanted to [leave One Direction], from like, the first year. I never really wanted to be there, like, in the band, like, I just gave it a go because it was there at the time.”

The singer then revealed he started to think about leaving once he realised the direction the band’s music was going.

“I instantly realised it wasn’t for me,” he recalled. “Because I couldn’t put any input in, you know? I couldn’t give my opinion on this or that because it didn’t fit the grain of what we were as a band and what we represented. That’s when it became frustrating for me.”

He noted that the rest of the band “didn’t want him to leave”.

Malik has also criticised the band’s music overall.

Malik commented on the quality of One Direction’s music, claiming it was not what he considered to be good.

He said: “Would you listen to One Direction at a party with your girl? I wouldn’t.”

He added: “To me, that’s not an insult, that’s me as a 22-year-old man. As much as I was in that band, and I loved everything that we did, that’s not music that I would listen to. I want to make music that I think is cool s**t. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.”