‘Hate the smell!’: Use ‘citronella candle trick’ to repel ‘deadly’ mosquitoes from homes

Mosquitoes and plenty of other biting bugs are plaguing Britons’ homes this summer, with the hottest temperatures seen in years. The ongoing heat waves signal the return of a plethora of biting bugs, including mosquitoes. These insects can leave nasty, itchy bites which can be extremely painful and distressing. While there are chemical insecticides, it is typically best to try natural methods first.

John Stewart, from the technical team at eco-friendly pest control brand Green Protect shared exclusively to Express.co.uk on how homeowners can deter these pests from homes.

He explained: “Mosquitos are a real concern across the world with painful bites and the potential for disease transmission.

“Like other bugs and insects, the female mosquito is the more deadly of the species, as they require the blood from bites to help with egg production.”

John noted that citronella candles work well to “repel” mosquitoes.

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It is derived from the leaves and stems from a cousin of lemongrass, specifically Cymbopogon, which works against mosquitoes.

Alternatively, citronella wristbands and sprays are also available to purchase.

They can also be bought in plant form from various different garden centres.

Jordan Foster, Pest control expert at Fantastic Pest Control also agreed that citronella is effective at repelling mosquitoes.

He told Express.co.uk: “Citronella plants are known mosquito deterrents, as their overwhelming aroma masks the smell of carbon dioxide produced by our warm-blooded bodies. 

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“This plant is a good repellent because of the citronella oil it contains. 

“It deters mosquitoes from biting. Since these plants can get quite big, they are best grown in planters or gardens.”

Both experts also agreed that in order to get rid of mosquitoes, their breeding grounds need to be “eliminated”.

John said: “In the first instance for deterring mosquitos, it is important to eliminate potential breeding spots from your garden by removing any freestanding water such as birdbaths or decorative water features.

“Pick up any fly-away litter in your garden regularly to avoid it collecting rainwater, while cleaning your gutters regularly will also allow water to flow from the roof properly, denying the mosquitos a chance to create a place to lay eggs.”

Jordan explained that if you cannot remove a specific water source, use “BTI (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis), a biological solution that attacks the larval stage of mosquitoes”.

He added: “The product is widely known as Mosquito Dunks and is offered by many brands at reasonable prices.”

The pest control expert also listed essential oils as an “effective” mosquito repellent.

He said: “You should use essential oils made from lavender, lemon, or eucalyptus. 

“Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to a spray bottle of water, shake, and voilà! 

“Apply it directly to your skin and around your house, but be careful with fabrics – it can stain them.”

source: express.co.uk