Junker Queen is a reminder that nobody does heroes like Overwatch

It’s a scary time to be a tank main in Overwatch. With the sequel on the horizon, many trying out Overwatch 2 during the latest PvP beta still aren’t entirely sold on Blizzard’s vision for single-tank 5v5. It’s been tough to adapt to some of my favorite heroes changing drastically overnight. But after jumping into the boots of Junker Queen, a brand new tank made from the ground up with 5v5 in mind, I’m starting to understand what Blizzard is going for.

Junker Queen is a brawler from top to bottom. She’s a piercing, commanding presence who has to stick her neck out to get a kill and keep it there to stay in the fight. She plays almost nothing like the other 33 heroes on the roster, which may be my favorite thing about her. Junker Queen is Overwatch showing off—a reminder that nobody makes hero shooters quite like Blizzard.

source: gamezpot.com