Owner of itch.io accuses newly launched alternative w3itch.io of theft

Here’s another contender for Web3 is going just great (opens in new tab), the satirical website that documents each new disaster related to the ongoing blockchain-based reinvention of the internet. In its own words (opens in new tab), w3itch.io is an “open marketplace for independent game creators” where anyone can sell games and set their own prices. Sounds a lot like itch.io, a popular website that already exists, except for one key difference: w3itch.io plans to incorporate NFTs, cryptocurrency payments, and other web3 technology.

Itch hasn’t been shy about making its position plain, declaring that NFTs are a scam earlier this year. Given that Steam has banned games with NFTs or cryptocurrency, it’s natural that developers desperate to incorporate the blockchain into games want an alternative. It seems unlikely w3itch.io will be that alternative for long, as the site looks suspiciously similar to itch.io and its owner has admitted to using itch.io’s CSS files (opens in new tab).

source: gamezpot.com