This 3D printer mod on Kickstarter can automatically swap your filament mid-print

Rarely has a hobby been quite so fickle as 3D printing. Choosing the right machine at the right price point is hard enough, but then even printing itself can be a treacherous task. Things get stuck, or peel up if the temperature changes. Plus there’s loading and unloading the filament and dealing with clogged nozzles. 3D printing can be a bit of a challenge that’s really ready to test your patience, and that’s before you go into multi-coloured prints.

Once you’re confident enough with your printing technique you’re going to want to print some cool things to make it worth it. Probably something that’s more than one colour, but that adds heaps of complexity and time. Changing a colour mid-print usually requires the printer to complete a purge block to make the smooth colour transition. These take ages and waste heaps of 3D filament, especially if there’s a big difference between the colours.

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