Why Didn’t They Ask Evans: Hugh Laurie co-star speaks out on star's role away from acting

BritBox’s Why Didn’t They Ask Evans is a three-part mystery drama which was adapted from Agatha Christie’s iconic 1934 novel and landed on screens in April. As well as starring in a small role, Hugh Laurie stepped behind the camera as director and Frankie star Lucy Boynton opened up about working with him.

The mystery followed the life of a young naval officer Bobby Jones (played by Will Poulter), as he stumbled across the body of a dying man.

Bobby found himself in the middle of an investigation after the man who appeared to have fallen off a cliff left him with a cryptic message.

Using his last breath, the man asked: “Why Didn’t They Ask Evan,” which led Bobby on a cross-country journey with his friend Frankie (Lucy Boynton).

Although Hugh Laurie portrayed Dr James Nicholson he was also credited as director and writer of the show.

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In her interview with Deadline, Lucy Boynton opened up about working alongside Laurie as a director.

She stated: “It changes the way that you communicate about the project as a whole but especially the characters.

“What I loved was, how much he loves these characters and immediately you feel in safer hands because there’s kind of this care and consideration for the accuracy of the portrayal.

“Also making sure that kind of that life and electricity that is so present in the character is constantly being brought day to day, scene to scene.”

Laurie portrayed Dr James Nicholson, Moira Nicholson’s (Maeve Dermody) husband, the mysterious owner of a sanitorium.

As Bobby and Frankie teamed up they set out on a journey to explore how the man died and unveil the truth behind his question.

The body was later identified as Mrs Cayman’s (Morwenna Banks) adventurer brother Alex Pritchard (Leon Ockendon).

However, as the friends adventured the pair came across a number of shocking revelations to do with deceit, betrayal, and murder.

During the interview, Laurie also praised the cast of Why Didn’t They Ask Evans and called them: “an extraordinary bunch.”

He stated: “This lot, absolutely every single one of them came to the set knowing what the scene required, what the character required, having some idea of how they were going to do it.”

Laurie added: “And they just came with such good humour and energy, and they were on time and they knew their climbs. And all of those things that directors dream of.”

Why Didn’t They Ask Evans is available on Britbox.

source: express.co.uk