How to make frappe iced coffee: Easy Greek-style recipe to try at home ‘summer essential'

Frappe iced coffee is a menu staple in cafes across the world and is best enjoyed with a hint of sweetness to balance the creamy texture. While you can’t beat a fresh frappe made by a trained barista, this refreshing iced drink is just as easy to make at home. Here’s the best Greek-style frappe recipe to follow at home.

How to make a frappe iced coffee

While frappes are Greek in origin, the name stems from the French term for ‘chilled’ or ‘partly frozen’.

You’ll need plenty of ice to master the cool, whipped texture, and according to Leite’s Culinaria, you only need three staple items to shake up into a sweet, refreshing drink.

David Leite said: “A Greek-style frappe is made simply from coffee, milk, and sugar and easily customisable in terms of sweetness.”

He described the refreshing beverage as “a summer essential”, which can be made with, or without a blender.

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How to change the flavour of your frappe

Sweet syrups and even the type of coffee you use can impact the flavour of your frappe, so have a play around with different products to adjust the taste.

Mr Leite’s top tip is to use Greek Nescafe instant coffee with the Greek writing on the can for a more “authentic” flavour.

If you have a sweet tooth, caramel syrup will work well both in the drink and around the glass.

Simply add a dash of syrup to the mix before shaking it up to infuse the liquid.

Before adding the ice to the glass, line it with a generous squeeze of syrup.