Eddie Hall speaks out on whether Thor feud can ever be resolved: ‘He’s built a brick wall’

“But because we came into the lockdown, there was like this big, big question mark over income for me, you know. All work had stopped, all TV productions had stopped. 

“So when the contract came under my nose to do this big fight, I was like, ‘Perfect’, you know, something to train for and to keep myself busy,” he added. “And at the end of it, you’re going to earn a good whack of cash.”

Eddie continued: “And on top of all that, you know, it was like this bloke’s been wrong in the past and what better way than to get in the ring and you know, get the monkey off the back, so to say, and settle come differences.”

Unfortunately for Eddie, the result of the bout didn’t fall his way, with Thor emerging victorious following a unanimous decision by the judges.

source: express.co.uk