'Amazed when it worked!' Mrs Hinch fans share easy 68p hack to clean metal toaster

Mrs Hinch is a cleaning influencer with over four million followers on Instagram. She rocketed to fame after sharing her best cleaning tips and tricks with others.

Mrs Hinch is so successful that she has inspired other cleaning enthusiasts to share their cleaning recommendations with one another, creating Facebook groups and pages to do so.

In one Facebook group, with more than 600,000 members, one woman wanted to know how best to clean her toaster.

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She posted a photo of the silver aluminium toaster with the caption: “This toaster is only about five months old anyone knows how to get this off and why it would have happened?!”

The toaster was covered in black and brown stains which seemed difficult to rub off.

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Luckily, the post was inundated with comments in minutes and many Mrs Hinch fans shared various tips and tricks to get rid of the stains and get the toaster shining again.

Jeannette Eastwell said: “I spray a cloth with elbow grease and rub. Comes up lovely.”

Deborah Bannister Meagher said she thought the toaster had ended up like it was due to “residual from heating”.

She advised: “You can buy round silver metal scrubbers non scratch, sorry don’t know what they are called. Pound shop, B&M type shops sell them usually a pack of six.


“Dip into a little bit of warm water and detergent, make sure there isn’t a lot of water on it and it’s unplugged. It rubs straight off then rub with a clean cloth to polish.”

Claire Chapman’s tip was a little different to usual as she shared a method using a household staple.

She said: “Scrunch up foil, wet with water and rub. I saw this very tip on here and was amazed when it worked. I thought it was bound to scratch but it didn’t on mine.”

Foil is one of the cheapest methods to get rid of the stains as the item costs less than £1 at most supermarkets, retailing for 68p at Asda.

Nicola Cawley wrote: “Clean with elbow grease on a cloth, then shine with white vinegar, comes up like new.”

Kim Pearce said: “I use Cif cream and if you want it to shine, Cif steel spray after.”

Caroline Stannard commented: “A damp cloth with some Cif on it will come up like new.”

Marg Rivers added: “Magic sponge – gets it off really well.”

source: express.co.uk