The Umbrella Academy season 3 release time: What time is it on Netflix?

The Umbrella Academy will be returning to Netflix on June 22 and the superhero drama will see the Hargreeves siblings in an alternative timeline. Their home as they once knew it is now named the Sparrow Academy and another apocalyptic adventure is on the cards. has all you need to know about what time the new episodes will be arriving.

What time is The Umbrella Academy season 3 on Netflix?

The third season of The Umbrella Academy has been a long time coming as the season two finale aired back in 2020.

The series by Gerard Way will add 10 new episodes, which have all been given unique titles.

Thankfully, all 10 episodes will be released on the streaming platform at the same time.

Filming for the third season wrapped in August 2021 and the countdown has been going since then.

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Season three will be released on Netflix on Wednesday at 8am GMT, for fans in the UK.

For those watching in the US, they should have access to the new episodes from midnight.

The trailer for the new series was released in May and it showed Five (played by Aidan Gallagher) explaining: “When we jumped here, we created a time paradox.

“Our little paradox brought forth the freaking Kugelblitz. Essentially, we are screwed.”

The trailer also explains how sibling Ben (Justin H. Min) is still alive in the alternate universe.

From the title of the season finale, fans will want to binge their way through to find out what happens in the seemingly explosive episode.

Ben actor Min spoke to Radio Times about how the family dynamic changes in season three.

He said: “They’re very conflicted. Because obviously, he looks like their Ben, but he acts very differently and there are many looks shared throughout the show, especially in the first few episodes, where they sort of see their Ben, but it’s not who they think he is anymore.”

The star said it almost felt as if he was working on a new show as a member of the Sparrow Academy.

The Umbrella Academy season 3 airs on Netflix on June 22.