'Unhappy' slimmer beat menopause weight gain by dropping 2st – 'saved my life!'

Claire De Rozarieux, 49, knew she had to turn her life around when her peri-menopausal weight gain began to impact her marriage with husband Joe and her relationship with her teenage daughter. Now, having lost a whopping two-stone by following a new diet, she’s found a new lease of life and has never been happier.

Claire began to experience symptoms of peri-menopause three years ago, which left her feeling very unhappy.

She was irritable to the point it was affecting her relationship with her family, and brought on a range of symptoms.

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These included restless legs, broken sleep, hair loss and brain fog.

But after her husband urged her to speak up about how she was feeling, Claire finally admitted how miserable she felt about her weight.

She had already been a member of WW (formerly weight-watchers) before lapsing, and decided to rejoin and kick-start a new, healthier life.

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For Claire, it was spicy foods and red wine that would aggravate her body, so she ruled them out of her diet.

But she still enjoys her potatoes and bread on plan.

Speaking of her journey, she said: “WW saved my life. I got my health back. And my mental health.

“It helped with my marriage and relationships too.”

Claire’s success also helped her adopt healthier habits.

A self-confessed “snacker”, she now reaches for fruit rather than a bag of crisps and likes to add more veg to her meals.

“I have learned that when I eat good, clean food, I don’t have any peri-menopausal symptoms,” she explained.

“I used to be last on my list of priorities, but when I put myself and my nutrition first, it benefited everyone in the family.

“WW is about wellness, food is just part of the puzzle – sleep, mindset and exercise are equally as important.”

Claire also noted that her sleep and mindset have improved because of her new, healthier diet.

And having got a dog during lockdown, she is a lot more active than ever before.

“I walk a lot and do yoga and pilates for strength,” she added.

source: express.co.uk