Brenda Edwards 'in shock' as she learns son Jamal’s death ‘caused by recreational drugs’

Brenda Edwards has announced that she recently discovered that her son, Jamal Edwards’, cause of death was because of “recreational drugs”. In a statement to her 111,000 followers, she penned: “I have sadly learned that the cause of Jamal’s devastating passing was due to cardiac arrhythmia.

“[This is] caused by having taken recreational drugs and I wanted to address this myself to everyone who loved, admired and respected my son.

“Since finding out the news I’ve been in a state of shock, and I am still trying to process it.

“But it’s so important to me that I do address it as no mother or any loved one should have to go through what Jamal’s sister, Tanisha, and I have been through since he passed.”

Brenda then added that she thinks it is “so important” to have more conversations about the “unpredictability of recreational drugs and the impact they can have”.

More to follow…