Queen Elizabeth II: 70 years of style – 'thoughtful purpose behind everything' she wears

Daena explained: “Furthermore, people often wonder why the Queen can always be seen wearing gloves, and the simple answer is that due to her royal duties and the fact she shakes many hands, she needs to reduce her exposure to germs and keep herself protected.

“The Queen also wears brooches to all her outings. For example, the more important the event, such as attending a funeral or wedding, the more important, and value or meaning the brooch will have.

“While attending foreign tours or receiving foreign dignitaries, she makes it a point to wear a brooch gifted to her by that country as a diplomatic gesture to honour the friendship.”

What are some basic fashion rules the Queen always follows?

Daena said: “The Queen has long favoured nude shades of nail paint over bright or dark nail paint. A firm favourite of the Queen’s is Essie’s ‘Ballet Slippers’.

source: express.co.uk