Taste the Rainbow This Pride Month

June is Pride Month and to celebrate, the chefs Seleste Tan and Mogan Anthony — the owners of Lady Wong, an East Village bakery that specializes in Southeast Asian confections — offer a dazzling steamed Indonesian rainbow cake. The petite stack of thin, multicolored, slightly spongy gelatinous layers is meant to be eaten by peeling them off one by one. It’s made from coconut milk and palm sugar, and the layers are dyed naturally, with beets, turmeric and pandan; the flavor is sweet, but not cloyingly so, with a whisper of coconut. Twenty-five percent of sales of the cake will be donated to the Hetrick-Martin Institute for LGBTQIA+ Youth. Similar snacks, called kuih, are sold at the shop, as are rich desserts like a pandan tiramisù, a cassava cake and a passion fruit-calamansi cake.

Indonesian rainbow cake, $3.25, Lady Wong, 332 East Ninth Street (Second Avenue), 646-422-7189, ladywong.com.

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source: nytimes.com