War fears as Chinese military conducts 'readiness patrol' around Taiwan 'Necessary action'

Beijing claims Taiwan as its own territory and has stepped up military manoeuvres around the island in the last two years as it seeks to pressure Taipei to accept its sovereignty claim. Following the victory in the Chinese civil war Communist leader Mao Zedong set up the People’s Republic of China based in Beijing.

Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-shek set up The Republic of China in what is now known as Taiwan, effectively a rival state leading to tension that continues to this day.

Beijing has been particularly unhappy with US support for Taiwan.

US President Joe Biden angered China last week by appearing to suggest a change in Washington’s “strategic ambiguity” policy over Taiwan.

Mr Biden said that the US would become involved militarily if Beijing attacked the island.

However, US officials denied there had been a change of policy.

In a statement, the People’s Liberation Army Eastern Theatre Command said the combat “readiness patrol” had happened around Taiwan in response to US-Taiwan “collusion”.

They said: “Recently, the United States has frequently made moves on the Taiwan issue, saying one thing and doing another, instigating support for Taiwan independence forces, which will push Taiwan into a dangerous situation.”

The statement added that Taiwan is part of China and Chinese troops continuing to develop military training and preparations. 

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No shots were fired and Beijing’s aircraft did not enter Taiwanese airspace.

However, ADIZ is a broader area Taiwan monitors and patrols in order to give it more time to respond to external threats.

Taipei has repeatedly rejected Beijing’s claims of sovereignty.

Taiwan has said that only people who live on the island have the right to decide its future.

The Taiwanese government has said while it wants peace, it will defend itself if it has to.

source: express.co.uk