Johnny Depp gains 'compassion' from women’s abuse charity amid Amber Heard trial

Johnny Depp, 58, has received “compassion” from Mission NGO, a non-profit organisation that supports women and children suffering abuse. The organisation, which is headquartered in Italy, released a statement on Friday in which they described a “bad page” in Johnny Depp’s history.

Mission NGO’s founder and CEO, Valeria Altobelli, spoke for the organisation, saying: “As women, as mothers, we have the duty and the responsibility to educate our sons and daughters.

“The values of dialogue, respect and compassion between men and women, without any gender distinction, in order to prevent violence with the weapons of love and education.  

“In deep respect of the victims of domestic abuses that we have to affirm for intellectual honesty are, generally, WOMEN, we feel to express, as women, as mothers, as free thinkers, our compassion for Johnny Depp in this bad page of his personal history.” (sic)

Ms Altobelli also penned an open letter alongside her statement.

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Sharing it to her 76,000 Instagram followers, she said: “Mission NGO women from all over the world stand against domestic violence regardless of gender, age or race.

“Our mission is to educate men and women…in order to prevent all kinds of violence, against women, against men, against children.

“As women, we have compassion and we feel empathy not for THE star, THE talent, THE actor, but for a man, a father, a worker, A HUMAN.” (sic)

Ms Altobelli – who also credits herself as a singer, actor, model and athlete – continued: “Mental Health is something we have to care about to live in a positive environment where women and men can love and respect each other without any kind of abuse and violence.

Ms Heard has countersued for $100 million, arguing that he smeared her by calling her a liar.

Her attorneys have argued that she told the truth and that her opinion was protected free speech under the US Constitution’s First Amendment.

The pair met when they filmed the movie, The Rum Diary.

They began dating in 2011 and were married three years later.

The marriage lasted just over one year before Ms Heard filed for divorce.

The trial will resume on Monday.
It is set to conclude on May 27.