'No!' Alison Hammond shuts down Dermot O'Leary over sex life probe

Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary welcomed Gyles Brandreth and Kate Quilton onto the ITV show to chat about the latest news headlines. They discussed a range of topics including Boris Johnson and Partygate. However, the This Morning segment took an unexpected turn when Dermot asked his co-host an intimate question about her sex life.

“This one is for you, Alison,” Dermot began. “Brummies come on top for loving outdoor sex.”

“Yes,” Kate chipped in as she gave an unimpressed Alison a high-five.

Dermot continued: “Brummies top the list for loving outdoor sex and eight out of 10 claims to having a romp outdoors.

“The poll of 2,000 people found 60 percent of us nationwide love to get jiggy outside.”

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“But the people of Birmingham were found to enjoy al fresco frolics the most… 82 percent,” he added.

Turning to his co-host, Dermot cheekily asked: “Alison, do you go down to the woods today?”

As Gyles and Kate saw the funny side of the question, Alison simply replied: “Er, no!”

“Is there a lovely forest at the back of your house?” he asked as Alison laughed.

Alison proceeded to joke: “It’s because we all live with our parents, we’ve got nowhere else to go.”

Elsewhere in the show, Dermot noticed that Alison had changed her hairstyle.

“Your hair is looking spectacular,” he complimented as Alison added: “Oh my God, I am loving my hair, thank you, Michelle, who did my hair today.

“I am immediately acting differently with this hair, I am sorry guys.”

source: express.co.uk