Putin sabotaged: Ukraine resistance sneaks bombs underneath 'Z' train to kill invaders

Putin’s forces were once again scrambling as Ukrainians maintain a strong resistance in the occupied city in southern Ukraine. On Wednesday, May 18, what was described as a “powerful explosion” that “thundered the city” destroyed a train carrying Russian military personnel and ammunition. Local news outlet RIA Melitopol reported that partisans blew up the armoured train used by Russian invaders – by installing explosives on the railway.

The number of injured or dead soldiers on board is unknown.

Following the explosion, the news outlet reporting repetitive shooting sounds from machine guns could be heard.

RIA Melitopol wrote: “The actions of our saboteurs brought the desired result and sowed panic among the invaders.”

Local residents reported that glass in the houses almost flew out, and the walls of the buildings vibrated from the deafening explosion.

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The explosion of the armoured train was also confirmed by Anton Gerashchenko, adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

In a post on Twitter, Mr Gerashchenko said: “Partisans have blown up the Russian occupier’s armoured train in Melitopol.

“An explosive charge detonated under the train car carrying the personnel.

“The railway track is damaged, a number of casualties and fatalities is now being specified.”

Ukrainian sabotage groups are constantly attacking Russian military facilities in the area as a form of resistance.

Reports claim that, today, the Russian commandant’s office in Melitopol was burnt down, following an explosion using a grenade.

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During a live broadcast on social media, Melitopol mayor Ivan Fedorov said Ukrainian military units, partisans and sabotage groups are all partaking in the resistance against the occupier.

Mr Federov threatened “the earth will burn under the feet of the invaders” and that “the armoured train is just the beginning”.

In an announcement later in the day, the Zaporizhia Regional Military Administration released a statement regarding the explosion of the train.

They said that the railway tracks are in a very bad condition and that the Russian military is operating them at overload, resulting in failures.

However, the administration did not deny the involvement of Ukrainian saboteurs in the explosion, but noted that the ammunition carried in the tracks detonated.

source: express.co.uk