Xbox Gamers Pestered by Issues Over the Weekend

Xbox gamers started reporting issues buying and launching games on Friday, and some players said those issues persisted into Monday. 

Xbox Support said Friday that players reported issues launching games through their consoles and Microsoft’s Cloud Gaming service. Though Xbox said the issues were resolved, some players still reported outages. A few hours later, Xbox said it was looking into the issues again. The pattern continued through the weekend, as players continued reporting Cloud Gaming problems. 

On Sunday, Xbox Support said some European players were still having issues with the Cloud Gaming service. By Sunday night, Xbox Support said the issues were resolved for European players but on Monday morning some reported they were still unable to play games or access online services.

Users also reported throughout the weekend that services like Netflix and Disney Plus were down. Some players also said they couldn’t launch Call of Duty: Warzone or play eFootball 2022.

As of 7 a.m. PT Monday, Xbox reports all services are up and running.

Microsoft did not immediately reply to CNET’s request for comment.