Russian troops WIPE OUT own unit in friendly fire fiasco as Army morale in tatters

The incident took place in the Zaporizhzhya province on Sunday (May 8), as Vladimir Putin’s army continued to struggle in its quest to conquer Ukraine. The Russian leader has seen his invasion of his western neighbour turn into a nightmare as his army comes up against fierce and brave resistance from Kyiv’s troops. The Ukrainians have inflicted massive casualties on the invading Russian army, with some estimates suggesting as many as 25,000 of its troops have been killed in action.

And now it appears the Russians are not even safe from their own side, after coming under fire from some of their own units.

In a recent firefight, a number of Russian soldiers mistakenly used the deadly TOS-1A flamethrower against their own comrades.

Victor Kovalenko, a former Ukrainian editor, tweeted: “A Russian unit on May 8 opened friendly fire on its own positions.

“The Russians annihilated their positions with troops & armour with thermobaric flamethrowers TOS-1A Sunblaze in #Zaporizhzhya province.”

The TOS-1 is a multiple rocket launcher capable of using thermobaric warheads, mounted on a T-72 tank chassis.

It was designed to attack enemy fortified positions and lightly armoured vehicles.

To rub insult into injury, Ukraine’s army promptly issued a letter thanking the Russians for their helpful contributions.

“The leadership of the 97th Infantry Battalion expresses its satisfaction with the actions of the Russian occupiers on May 8 2022.

“Using the heavy Solntsepek flamethrower system in the Zaporizhia direction they actually burned the racist occupiers from Ukrainian soil.

“Such actions are positively perceived and supported in every way by the Ukrainian military.

“We understand that there is a tradition of cooking kebabs in May.

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Meanwhile recent reports suggest that the Russian brigade responsible for the Bucha massacres has been wiped out in recent fighting.

The 64th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade was engaged in combat around the eastern city of Izyum.

Chuck Pfarrer, a war correspondent and former US army SEAL, wrote in a tweet: “KARMA: Lt Colonel Omurbekov Azatbek Asanbekovich was the commanding officer of the 64th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade– the unit that massacred the citizens of Bucha.

“Reports indicate that the 64th has been wiped out in fighting on the Izium salient.”

Putin had awarded an honorary title of ‘Guards’ to the 64th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade in the wake of the atrocities.